ICHF Cake International at Excel

There I was with my big camera, fighting my way through hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors at the ICHF Cake International at Excel, London this past weekend, when I was stopped dead in my tracks by BUTTERCREAM!  I caught a glimpse of one of Queen of Hearts-Couture Cakes’ beautiful creations, and I just could not stop snapping away. I was completely mesmerised by their cakes, decorated in 100% buttercream.

These photos don’t do justice to the incredible artistry created by Valeri and Christina, owners of Queen of Hearts-Couture Cakes. It was a challenge to capture the wonderfully vibrant colours, and rich depth of textures whilst dozens of women were throwing elbows trying to get their own peek at the gorgeous cakes. I survived, and live to tell the story…

I had a chance to chat to Valeri and Christina on their stand, when they caught a quick breather in between getting mobbed by visitors keen to sign up for their Master Classes, or by film crews keen to showcase their cakes!  These lovely ladies are as amazing as their cake-creations. They are wonderfully talented, and yes, SELF-TAUGHT buttercream artists based in London. They even kindly offered me one of their few remaining cupcakes – and YES, it was as delicious as it looked: moist with rich chocolate, yet still managing to be fluffy and light.  

Last, but not least, Queen of Hearts – Couture Cakes left the ICHF Cake International, London not only with over 100 enrollments for their Master Classes, but also with the Bronze Prize in the Wedding Cake category for their beautiful “A Summer in Westminster Abbey” entry.

I’m hoping you are as WOWED by these buttercream works of art, as I continue to be.

You can find further information on Queen of Hearts-Couture Cakes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QueenofHeartsCupcakesAndMore?ref=ts
… or on their website: http://www.queenofheartscupcakes.com/

"A Summer in Westminster Abbey"

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