Edible Artists Network  is written by bakers and sugar artists like you! We publish various types of content including tutorials, features, reviews, and tips and techniques.(If you have an idea for something that doesn’t fit in one of these categories we’d like to hear about it)

Tutorials should be written in a step-by-step format along with pictures to illustrate each step.

If you are submitting a tutorial please provide:
1.     Title, Author Name, and Location as you would like it to appear in the magazine.
2.    List of all materials, tools and ingredients that will be used. Be specific.
3.    If recipe is included, please list full recipe (with instructions and ingredients needed)
4.    Provide step by step instructions, with each step numbered with description, and image for each step.  Each step and picture should be numbered beginning with number 1.  Example Step One – Image One
5.    Include an image of the finished product – please do not watermark any of the images.
6.    Include an image of yourself (optional)
7.    Include a brief two sentence description about yourself.
8.    Your step-by-step instructions should be included in a separate Word or text document and not on the images.

Reviews should be 50 – 250 words, and be written in the first person. Think more “recommendation” and “experience” when you write these than “review.” We would like to hear how you used the product and details about the results.

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If you have an idea for an article please contact us with a 30-50 word description for review.

If you would like to submit to the magazine please email a brief description of your project along with photos (if available) to Cheryl Naughton at cnaughton6517@yahoo.com.