Edible Artists Network is a newsletter and website that offers a variety of resources to individuals within the international baking community. Designed to benefit both bakers, small bakeries, and small business owners, this magazine fosters the art of baking while promoting the development of members. We celebrate amazing and creative artists from all over the globe and our in-depth articles portray these artists as the amazing and creative talents they truly are! We also explore different nations to show how culture influences the sugar art.

Our goal at Edible Artists Network is to provide a location for bakers, cake decorators, and confectioners to discover all the resources they need for running their business, and advancing their creative and culinary skills as efficiently and effectively as possible. We seek to bring all the latest news and trends from the baking industry to one centralized hub, and to provide tutorials and general information for cake enthusiasts wishing to improve their craft and increase their business. Whether it’s through blogs or instructional videos, we desire to nurture their love of baking and cake decorating, and to show them how to put those skills to good use in home and business settings alike.

We are THE information source for home bakers & sugar artists.

Cheryl Naughton – Owner


meCheryl has worked in magazine publishing, web design & development, business analytics and internet marketing for the last 15 years. She played an integral role in the launch of PC Create It, PC Teach It and Wolf Pics magazines, and is the co-founder of Edible Artists Network and Edible Artists Network magazine. She has a passion for logically building new projects from concept to fruition, loves managing the moving parts of magazine creation, printing projects and marketing programs, and enjoys delivering sophisticated projects that produce results.


Maria Nerius – Writer/Blogger


mariaMaria worked in the art and craft industry for 35 years as a designer, writer, author, and on air talent. She worked with designers, professional crafters, small manufacturers, and media. She enjoyed both consumer and trade interaction being the only writer to work for both trade magazines at the same time and having regular columns in several consumer magazines for many years.

She also is the individual who organized the addition of the Professional Crafter section to the industry (and chaired the section for the first 3 years). She started in the industry as a Professional Crafter moving on to become a top craft designer, then moved on to create consumer magazines and features in the trade magazines. Always innovative she adapted to industry changes including being one of the first to actively promote digital and social media as key means to keep the industry fresh and innovative and often presented upcoming trends to the industry. She organized and presented a one day (day before the show started) workshop at MemoryTrends (tradeshow for the scrapbooking retailer) called, “Trends & Techniques Workshop” which was the top attended workshop of the tradeshow for all 8 years the show was run. Each workshop coordinated dozens of manufacturers, designers, and industry leaders giving attendees a year’s worth of activities for their retail shops.

She retired from the industry four years ago, but keeps in touch and up to date with all sections of the industry because she sincerely loves all art and craft. Within the last year she took her love and passion of baking to a level where she wanted to again write and promote about the creative aspect of the art and craft of sugar joy as a way to either have a career of a lifetime or a hobby that brings happiness to all one’s personal life.  She works well with small manufacturers and retailers. She aims for perfection and the goal must be to help educate consumers and professionals to help them reach their own 100%.

She’s self motivated, organized, responsible, dependable, accountable, and loves a challenge. She’s professional in presentation and enjoys public speaking. Her casual style brings confidence to her audience.  She’s happy to forward her resume and provide references. She has a genuine enthusiasm for creativity and helping individuals succeed in both professional and personal efforts. She also understands that if the industry doesn’t sell product and service, there is no industry.