Homemade Cupcake Cases

I was going through all the old cards I’ve received for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, thank yous, etc. & then I thought about all the $$$ I spend on cupcake cases, and my slight disappointment at how “un-unique” most of them really are. So, I thought I’d try making my own… It’s a great way to recycle old cards (& you can still keep what’s written on the inside) AND create your own, unique cupcake wrappers…

What you’ll need: old cards, extra scrapbook paper, etc. + a cupcake case/wrapper that you can simply cut the bottoms out of.

1cupcake 600 x 400


You’ll also need scissors: plain or scalloped edged ones, glue or tape or fancy pins and ribbon if you’d like (but obviously not if you’re serving the cakes to children).

2cupcake 600 x 400

Take the cupcake case that you’ve cut the bottom out of & use this as your template to trace an outline of your case. Make sure it’s a bit taller and wider than the original to ensure it covers your whole cupcake base.

3cupcake 600 x 400

You’ll have a “U-shaped” cut out now…

4cupcake 600 x 400

You then glue or tape (I used clear cello-tape) the two ends together, and VOILA! your cupcake case is done-zo!


You can do any sizes, really: from mini to medium, to muffin-sized if you wish.

Homemade Cupcake


And the completed DIY / homemade cupcake cases chilling… ready to be featured ’round some cupcakes soon 😉

7cupcake 600 x 400

Homemade Cupcake


Enjoy, have fun & re-use & recycle!

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP:  I’m sure you all have lovely areas around your home or garden, why not photograph your creations in/on places other than your kitchen worktops?

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