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Cake Decorating: Is It For me?

Cake Decorating: Is It For me? Cake Decorating is Fun For Everyone         Have you ever watched a cake show on TV and thought how much you would love to decorate cakes like a professional? Or maybe you passed by your local bakery and saw a beautiful cake in the window and wished you could make a cake equally as stunning. Perhaps you just want to try your hand at icing a few birthday cakes for your friends. Whatever your motivation, cake decorating is a  great hobby that anyone can do! If you have any hesitations about trying cake decorating,…
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Beginner Cakes

Summer Sunglass Cookies

These retro spotted sunglass cookies almost look like the real thing. Melted candies make yummy edible lenses and multi-colored sprinkles create quick polka dots. A perfect treat for any summer party table. YOU WILL NEED: 1 RECIPE CAKEGIRLS SUGAR COOKIE DOUGH HARD CANDIES (SUCH AS JOLLY RANCHERS) SMALL BREADSTICKS (SUCH AS WHEAT THINS HONEY STIX) BIKINI TOP COOKIE CUTTER 1 1/4" OVAL COOKIE CUTTER 2 BAGS ROYAL ICING MIX SQUEEZE BOTTLES EDIBLE PASTEL CONFETTI DISPOSABLE PIPING BAG 1/2 SHEET TRAY COVERED IN PARCHMENT PAPER TOOTHPICKS  STEP 1: ROLL, CUT AND BAKE COOKIES Prepare the cookie dough per the recipe and…
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The Year of Royal Icing

The Year of Royal Icing Evolution of Royal Icing Day Early one morning, in February 2013, David ‘Cakes’ MacCarfrae received a telephone call from Jens Oprzondek, inviting him to attend a cake show in Germany to teach his royal icing techniques class. The invitation prompted an unlikely conversation that grew into a brilliant idea. READ MORE .... Buy this issue here: Print Version Download the PDF Founding Members Jens Oprzondek (Germany) Jens Opzrondek, a German cake artist, is a leader and pioneer of the Sugarcraft industry in Germany.  In addition, Opzrondek is the lead instructor at Cake Company Cake Akademie…
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