5 Wedding Cake Trends That Will Be All the Rage in 2020

It is said that a celebration, or in this case, a wedding, is nothing to write home about if there is no cake. And we heartily agree! Regardless of your financial power or design, your wedding cake is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bring out your creative juices, magnify your wedding décor, and the best part of all; please the guests with a delicious treat as the wedding winds up.In case you plan to wed in this New Year, take time and check out these unmatched wedding cake styles that will be the highlight of 2020. Ranging from edible flowers, bold colors and details, and even exquisite artist-designed patterns, these cake trends will cater for all seasons, dessert tables, and themes.
Find out which one of these 2020 wedding cake trends is a fit for your big day.

5 WeddingDeckle edges

This style of cake has an unmatched sweetness due to the tiny rough edges intentionally designed that way. A deckle edge cake portrays the impression of flower petals or ruffles surrounding your cake, and this makes this style all the rage for both classic and romantic wedding themes.
Actually, the word ‘deckle’ is derived from stationery, for instance, escort cards and wedding invitation cards with ruffled edges that bring out an antique or classical look.
Spare no expense or effort with this wedding cake trend by incorporating several deckle edge layers. For that sophisticated look, you can introduce gold detailing. Alternatively, you can embrace a moderate or more conservative approach by settling for a smooth, fondant cake emphasized by a single deckle-edged layer.


edible flowersEdible flowers

Among the most anticipated wedding cake fashions of 2020, edible flowers will be a popular choice. Most newlyweds have adorned their wedding cakes with intricate cascading blooms, cake toppers of the floral nature, and a variety of greenery. Also, this trend is an entirely unpredicted technique to introduce plant elements onto your dessert fest.
It also introduces a degree of sustainability because after the cake is cut, you will not have to throw the flowers into the trash bin. Edible flowers go way back to the Victorian times when fresh flowers decorated meals, and of course, desserts.
What a revelation that a wide array of flowers, including carnations, violets, pansies, marigolds, and some varieties of roses are edible! For your guests to readily embrace the idea, you can decorate your buttercream cake with single petals instead of the entire flower.

Tile prints

Ranging from chinoiserie to patterns with a Moroccan influence, and terrazzo, prints have become the most daring and eye-catching wedding cake fads for 2020. Lovers who want to go the whole nine yards as far as their wedding cake is concerned will readily choose this trend. This is mainly because it blends well with other brilliant elements, including geometric accents, vivid colors, and metallic foils.
Do you have a tile style that you adore? Through cutting-edge printing technology and edible ink, some wedding cake specialist bakers can design a precise and similar reproduction of the pattern. Other bakers can attain the look by painting the patterns or hand-piping upon fondant icing. The best tip is to check out the wedding venue for any great tile designs that will inspire you.

Impressionist details

In case you are a devotee of works by Impressionist artists such as Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, or Edgar Degas, you can never go wrong with this wedding trend. One of the most beautiful techniques of adorning your wedding cake in 2020 will be abstract painterly patterns (visualize a painter’s palette). This is regardless of whether you go for delicate florals, faint brushstrokes, or playful spiraling patterns. The results will be, without a doubt, a rare piece of artistry.
Alternative cakes

wedding cake stylesYou are not much on wedding cakes? Do not worry! If you are not a fan of traditional cakes, there are alternatives to liven up your dessert table. These include pancake stacks, cheese wheel cakes, crepe stacks, donut towers, macaron cakes, among others.
With this option, you get the same thrilling effect that a wedding cake elicits, including the photo opportunity of cutting the cake; that is, if you prefer to. You will also get the chance to provide a dessert that you love to bits.

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