Great Ideas with Flex Forms – Cake Decorating Mold

cake decorating moldGreat Ideas with Flex Forms – Cake Decorating Mold

Cake decorating mold – About 8 months ago we launched our new silicone cake decorating mold Simi Flex Forms©, and we couldn’t be happier with all the exciting ways that many amazing sugar artists have used them and found new ideas to create with them!  We had a blast with them; we knew there would be others who would too!

We originally created the molds to be used as free form frames to fill with isomalt and chocolate to create unique toppers and centerpieces, but we quickly found out that other products that work with them!!  We found that you can use Icing Images paper underneath the frame of Flex Forms to give your isomalt or chocolate a unique and intricate design on the surface.  You can also do the same with chocolate transfer sheets under chocolate (Hint: transfer sheets don’t work with isomalt, it will melt the cocoabutter AND the plastic, which would be quite hard to clean up. And, yes, we might know from experience…)

The Flex Forms can also be used with gelatin and even gummy as Kimberly Chapman found out when creating her award winning American Flag piece at the Frosting Creators Day of Sharing!  Kimberly wrote an entire blog and tutorial on just how to create her flag here:

The best part for us is seeing the pictures of the creations decorators make with our Flex Forms and leaning about all the new and innovative ways they are trying them!  We have taken the Flex Forms to many different cake shows and classes and it’s amazing how differently artists think to use tools and products in the cake industry!  Below you will find a small sampling of pictures we have collected from our sugar art friends.  Enjoy!  And if you have a unique or innovative way of using our molds please email us pictures to and we’ll show you off!

And just so you know all about our Flex Forms check out our new You Tube Tutorial on How to use Simi Flex Forms with Isomalt here:

Until next time…Keep Life Sweet!
-Sidney & Michelle

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  1. Can flex forms be purchased in the U.K.? I looked into ordering some from Icing in U.S.A. but the shipping cost was going to be more than $100!!!
    I would love to buy some and also the blank transfer sheets for printing designs but I cannot find suppliers for these products her in England. Hope you can help?

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