The Ultimate Guide to Edible Flower Arrangements

Edible Flower Arrangements A to Z

Edible flower arrangements for cakes have never gone out of style. Turn the pages of a few vintage editions of Good Housekeeping, especially from the ’60s and ’70s, and you’ll come across plenty of dishes consisting of edible flowers. Still, a smattering of pansies on the dinner plates could as well have been a blinking sign saying, ‘check out how fancy I am.’

Therefore, you can understand why meals incorporated with flowers no longer appealed to people. The best news is that edible flowers are making a comeback because: with the appropriate edible bloom, more so, herb, vegetable blossoms, and fruit, it will introduce an undeniable flavor to your recipe in a way that is vibrant and a texturally fascinating manner.

edible flower arrangementsWhere to Buy Edible Flower Arrangements

Your local farmer’s market is the most recommended place to buy them. There, you will find the variety to be wider than at your local grocer. Besides, you can engage the vendors in conversation and find out if the product is safe for consumption. On that note, it is crucial to stay away from flowers sprayed with pesticides and chemicals.
In case your area doesn’t have a farmer’s market, buy edible flowers in the produce area of your grocery shop (Not in the florist sector!) Alternatively, you can buy them online. Find out the online shops that will ship the flowers to you overnight so that they retain their freshness.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

o To get rid of any excess dirt, bugs, or insects, always shake the flowers.
o Wash the flowers gently inside a large bowl of water (cold), and then drain.
o Allow the flowers to air-dry on a tray lined with kitchen (paper) towels
o You can use them instantly or if for later use, store them in the refrigerator in an air-tight jar lined with wet paper towels. You can keep them there for up to a week.

Flowers You Can Try for Edible Flower Arrangements

In most cases, edible flowers will usually taste just like the smell. It is advisable to buy several types and try which ones you love. This is the only method that can assist you in making up your mind which flowers catch your fancy. But remember that not all flowers are edible. Buy flowers that you can identify as fully-safe for human consumption. Below are our all-time favorites for your kitchen, though you can research more.

Try these flowers:

  • Jasmine: Usually used in desserts or teas, it has a delightful flavor and floral perfume
  • Marigold: Best in salads and it has a light citrus flavor
  • Arugula Flowers: This has a peppery taste similar to the arugula leaves. It is recommended in savory meals and salads.
  • Nasturtiums: They have a golden color and a peppery flavor. They are best in Crostini with salt, olive oil, and pepper.
  • Chive Blossoms: They are delicate with an onion flavor. You can either use the entire flower or separate into individual petals.
  • Johnny-Jump-Ups: They have a near-bubblegum and minty flavor. Most people prefer them on cakes or mild cheese, for instance, goat cheese.
  • Lavender: Has a floral taste and fragrance that is faintly citrus. It is recommended in teas, cocktails, desserts, plus some baked dishes.
  • Hibiscus: Sweet and tart. It is usually used in salads, teas, or cocktails.
  • Lemon Verbena: It has a faint lemon flavor best-suited for savory or sweet cooking.
  • Pansies: They have a faint grassy flavor and are extremely lovely. You can use them as a garnish.
  • Violets: These are floral and sweet. You can use them in desserts or freeze them into ice cubes for decorative drinking.
  • Squash Blossoms: They have a faint, raw squash flavor. You have to cook them before eating, and you can dust them faintly with cornstarch and deep fry them.

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