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Jen – a.k.a. Macaron Stalker

How much do I love macarons?  I’m talking about the French macaron variety and not the coconut macaroon variety – though I do love both, macarons just speak to me.  I’ve been fortunate enough to do a fair bit of travelling, here, there, everywhere. From “home” in the San Francisco Bay Area to Wokingham, Berkshire …

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Homemade Cupcake Cases

I was going through all the old cards I’ve received for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, thank yous, etc. & then I thought about all the $$$ I spend on cupcake cases, and my slight disappointment at how “un-unique” most of them really are. So, I thought I’d try making my own… It’s a great way to …

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My Cake Story Contest Winner!

The winner of our “My Cake Story” contest is Tracy of Boobala Cakes!! All submissions/stories can be viewed here: Congratulations Tracy! Your prize is the Sharon Zambito DVD – Perfecting the Art of Buttercream – A step by step guide to icing the perfect cake. Thanks to all who participated! We will run several …