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Starting a Wedding Cake Business – 5 Strategies for Sweet Success

Starting a Wedding Cake Business – 5 Strategies for Sweet Success – By Stephanie Padovani – United States

wedding cake businessThe wedding cake business is extremely competitive, with good reason.  With over 2 million weddings annually, the wedding industry generates over $53 billion each year.

As tempting as it is to break into the wedding cake market, you’ll need your smarts to beat your competition to the wedding cake payday.

Here are six strategies you can use to break into the wedding market.

1. Use the “Sweet Talk” networking strategy. Boost Your Wedding Cake Business

Networking is the fastest way to get leads.  Just one relationship with another wedding business can generate hundreds of referrals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify five wedding venues or caterers that DON’T have an in house baker. Make sure they specialize in mid to high end weddings.
  • Bake an especially delectable batch of cupcakes and deliver them in person.
  • While they gobble up your goodies, offer to volunteer your services for their next tasting or bridal event.

When you identify the right networking targets, providing these delicious freebies is an investment that wins fans and generates referrals.

2. Send an Unforgettable Postcard.

We used this strategy to break into the wedding business when we were newbies.

Print some postcards (get them super cheap from with your smiling face on them.  Be sure to leave a blank space on the back.

Every time you go to a networking event or deliver a cake, send your clients and the wedding vendors you meet a postcard with a personal handwritten note.

You immediately stand out, get remembered and eventually referred.

3. Go for the bag instead of the booth at a bridal show.

Bridal shows are a guaranteed way to meet brides, but they can also be expensive.  Instead of paying anywhere from $500 – $1,000 or more for a booth, have your brochure added to the gift bag each bride gets when registering.  You’ll get in front of those coveted bridal show leads for a fraction of the cost.

4. Give the gift of engagement cupcakes.

Find the announcements of newly engaged couples in the newspaper.  Look up the bride’s name on Facebook and message her with an offer for a free “engagement celebration” cupcake.

When the couple redeems their engagement cupcake coupon, get their email or mailing address and permission to follow up.  You’ll be their number one choice when it’s time to order the cake.

5. Start a referral rewards program to sustain your wedding cake business.

Give your customers a free cupcake or credit towards their next order for each person they refer.  Build this into your regular email, Facebook page or direct mail promotion and watch the referrals roll in.

If you want a thriving wedding cake business, channel your creativity and your culinary talents into your marketing.  Follow these strategies and you’ll make a big splash in your local wedding market in no time.

Stephanie Padovani shares oodles of free wedding marketing strategies like these at  She and her husband empower wedding business professionals with low cost, effective marketing strategies and powerful “anti-price shopper” communication techniques so they can book more weddings at higher prices…without resorting to sleazy, high-pressure sales tactics or competing on price.

For more tips on opening a running your cake business visit our Business Section.

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