Top 5 Business Start-Up Mistakes

by Pastry Chef Jörg Amsler

I have always been a proponent of following one’s dreams and pursuing what we are most passionate about. On average, we sleep eight hours, work eight hours and have eight hours to ourselves. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of happiness, If your work day is a total drag, filled with unhappiness, stress and people you dislike, it will surely cross over into your private life.


IMG_6774Jörg Amsler is a renowned pastry chef and former owner of Truly Jörg’s Patisserie who has made numerous appearances on Food Network Challenge. Jörg has worked in every type of
culinary environment nationally and abroad from restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, resorts, supermarkets, retail, airline and catering. Currently he travels internationally teaching cake artistry and offering consultation to new businesses.

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