Facebook Ratings Tab: How to Add a Facebook Ratings Tab

Facebook Ratings Tab


Facebook Ratings Tab:

Facebook Ratings Tab: Add a Ratings tab to your Facebook page in 4 easy steps

1. Go to http://www.socialatomic.com/tabs.php

2. Click on the “Ratings” button in the middle of the page a new page will open requesting to add your personal information to this app program – select “YES”, it will use your personal profile, but will ask as you move forward which page you’d like to add the tab to.

  1. “Like” the app first – then click on – “go to app” – A new window will open up requesting which page to add the ratings tab (only if you manage more than one page)
  2. Click on “Add Ratings” button – and this will add it to your page.  It’s that simple and will take less than 5 minutes.

You have now installed the ratings tab to your Facebook fan page – quick and easy access for your customers to provide feedback from their recent purchase. Get way to market to your current and future audience.


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