Dorothy Klerck (South Africa)

Dorothy KlerckDorothy Klerck

Dorothy Klerck (Dot) hails from Wellington, South Africa and honed her skills in art and sculpture before falling head over heels into the sugar world. Now an award winning cake artist, she started out making cakes for her 4 children and from there it became her business. Her cakes have been featured on television, both locally and internationally and in many international cake magazines and art books over the years. Starting out with unique hand modeled toppers she now specializes in 3D sculpted cakes, the more gravity defying the better. Dot travels around the world teaching sugar craft and continues to create cakes in between classes. Dot lives in Wellington, a town in the wine growing area of South Africa. She is married with 4 children aged between 17 and 9 years. Her husband is the brain behind the engineering and structural design of many of her cakes.

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