David ‘Cakes’ MacCarfrae (UK)

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David ‘cakes’ MacCarfrae is an English Cake Artist, International Teacher, co-Director of David Cakes International School of Cake Decorating Art & Design, and co-founder of International Friends of Royal Icing Global Association.

With over 30 years of experience, MacCarfrae travels the world sharing his knowledge, attending cake shows and seminars, and teaching courses and workshops. During his 30 year business journey MacCarfrae has been featured in numerous publications, including the HELLO Magazine Royal Wedding Souvenir issue and recently in the Spring 2015 Edible Artists Network Magazine issue.
In 2012, MacCarfrae began teaching cake decorating classes while sharing with students all his knowledge and experience of running a business for 30 years. In 2013, MacCarfrae decided to close the David Cakes retail shop and focus on his teaching.

As well as teaching in his home town of Liverpool, England, MacCarfrae attends cake decorating events around the UK, and also in Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, USA, Hong Kong and Asia.

David still offers bespoke wedding cake designer service for society clientelle looking for an exclusive tailored wedding cake.



To learn more about David MacCarfrae, please visit: http://www.davidcakes.co.uk/

Visit his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/David-Cakes/143706765700366

Take a class with David: http://davidcakesmasterclasses.co.uk/dates/


Read our exclusive interview with David in our Spring 2015 issue.​










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