Connie May – Bell Flower, CA

I’ve been baking cakes since I was 23 years old.  It all started with wanting a birthday cake for my daughter’s birthday and I never liked the taste of the “store bought” cakes.  Using lard in their frostings tasted horrible; hence my hunt for the best buttercream recipe (this is LONG before the computer generation!).  After taking classes at Hobby City in Buena Park, CA and Classic Cake in Garden Grove (still in business) I found my true calling!  My mother-in-law won an airbrush and Kopy Kake projector and gave them to me as a birthday gift!  I became crazed with the “New”, at the time, (you can see some of my past cakes on my Facebook page) technique of airbrushing and projecting images on to a cake!  People were amazed that I could take a simple image like an invitation and project it on to a cake, pipe the outline in piping gel, airbrush the colors into the piped area and WALA their image on a cake!  From there I was asked to do wedding cakes… eeks that was scary, but I jumped in with both feet and the rest is history.

It’s amazing that I’m STILL learning every time I do a cake.  Fondant was so scary until with the help of GREAT youtube videos and an amazing group on Facebook that I improve more and more with each cake I complete.

My favorite medium is fondant.  I enjoy creating figures.  You can see some of my work at my Facebook page and website (which is still in the works)

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