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We featrued a story about transporting cakes from Calli of Callicious Cakes. She has such a rich and interesting history that we decided to share it with you here on the website.

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I have been joyfully cake decorating for 3 years & loving every step of the way… I have met some amazing people and forged friends all over the world though this sharing confectionery world.

I have not had any formal training, but have done 3 x 6week courses with another cake decorator who taught me floral sugar paste and modelling , 3 weekend workshops, watched the pros in action, love programs like “Cake Boss” & “Ace of Cakes”, which was what started me on this wonderful adventure of cakes. From there I have built up a wonderful library of source books I learn from along with watching various online videos I find on Google and You Tube. I have also learnt so much from various websites & blogs where tutorials are shared, and likewise have shared my tutorials for others as well as I love to share what knowledge I have gleaned in my 3 years. It is a joyful experience to share.

My background is graphic art and worked in the industry, for various companies, for over 20 years, then gave it up for the world of administration which I loved. After 10 years, my husband persuaded me to give up my day job and get back to my creative roots. I never for one moment, thought it would lead me to the delightful world of cakes… it was my son’s 30th followed shortly after by my middle son’s wedding that really kick started me into this wonderful highly creative craft.

I was born in London, but have spent most of my life living in various African countries, with my last port of call being South Africa where I spent 26 years before coming back to the UK 13 years ago. I have three fabulous sons, of which 2 live here in the UK and the other still in South Africa. I have 2 grandsons that I adore and get “orders” from them each year as to what they want as a cake for their birthdays… naturally I comply.

My wonderful husband is the one who I really have to thank for supporting and encouraging me to grow my cake business and I do not know where I would have been without the support and technical assistance of my sons who have all promoted me too on their websites. My eldest son runs and maintains my website and designed my logo and business cards. My other sons also get involved and promote me to their friends and work associates and through that have drummed up more business and managed to raise a fair amount of money for various charities too… a subject close to my heart.

I find baking such fun and I’m forever trying out new recipes and honing them to maximise taste as that is such an important aspect to cake decorating.. it has to taste as good as it looks, and so far I have had very  favourable feedback on taste.

I love to experiment with different mediums, colours and textures, using my art experience I gained in the commercial world, to transpose onto icing to create different looks to a design.

When I am not creating cakes, I sell my hand-painted bespoke aprons and love oil painting. I am also a keen amateur photographer, keeping fit and love the outdoors, hiking and gardening and long walks. I feel very connected to the earth and study all that is around me and see beauty colour and textures in all things. I also love cooking and entertaining, so nothing gives me more pleasure than when we have guest stay over, to have an opportunity to feed them.

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