Wonder Woman Tutorial and Recipe

Craftsy Free Cake Decorating Class

Wonder Woman Tutorial

By Maria Genna

Materials Needed:

  • 300gr of blue sugar paste
  • Skin colored  sugar paste
  • Red sugar paste
  • Yellow sugar paste
  • Blue, black, red and white food powder
  • Edible alcohol
  • 28cm base of cake made of polystyrene
  • Polystyrene pellet 3cm
  • Toothpicks
  • Sticks of 25cm
  • Rolling pin
  • Small brush
  • Scalpel
  • Silicone brush
  • Dresden tool
  • Ball tool

The necessary colors (fig.1).

wonder woman cake tutorial


Start with an oval shaped portion of the flesh gumpaste and create indents for the eyeballs.

Continue shaping the chin and cheeks.

With the help of the shaper form the outline of the nose.
It is better to redraw the eyebrows with a spatula and after we will define the base and sides of the nose

Draw the mouth using a tool with a silicon tip, redrawing the lips, then make small side holes to make a smile and to create the central protrusion of the lips.

Make holes to create nostrils and from the base of the nose flatten the entire contour of the mouth in order to highlight the lips.

Craftsy Free Cake Decorating Class

Draw the outline of the eyes with a spatula.

Finish shaping the imperfections. Tighten the temples and contour the lips.

Crop the excess paste to define the jaw. Use the tip of a tool to spread her lips and create a space that will contain the teeth. Insert some white gumpaste to create the teeth.

Cut the eye area with a scalpel and remove a piece of the paste and replace it with white color paste to create the eyeballs.

Use the blue food powder diluted with edible alcohol and draw the eyes directly on the white paste, making first a circle and then fill it in. With the black color design the center of the pupil and the outline of the eyes (blurring the powder on the eyelid to emphasize makeup) and the eyebrows.

Now dilute the red food powder with edible alcohol and create the lips. 

For the lashes add a touch of black sugar paste.


Roll out a long and narrow cylinder using flesh gumpaste and cut it in half to create the legs.

Shape each cylinder to look like legs and bend them to create the knees.

Roll out a long and narrow cylinder using red gumpaste and cut it in half diagonally for the feet.

Continue shaping and cutting the gumpaste to create the ankle and toes and to define the shape of the foot.

Attach the boots to the legs using a bit of water to adhere the surfaces. (heel, toe and plant)

BODICETo create the shorts, start with a blue ball of gumpaste and press on one side with the palm of the hand thinning one part and continue applying gentle pressure at the base to create the holes where the legs will attach.

Attach the legs.

Use the polystyrene ball to create an indent in the top of the shorts. We will attach the torso here later.

Using a skin color ball of gumpaste shape the torso and neck.

Now define the shoulders, collarbones, and the breasts. You can use a spatula to better delineate the details of collarbones and the breast.

At the base of the bust use the ball tool to create a cavity for the polystyrene ball.

Insert the ball.

Place the bust on the previously formed shorts.

Secure the bust to the base using a wooden stick inserted diagonally.

To create the dress roll out a thin piece of red fondant and drape it over the figure. Trim the edges around the neckline, and the shorts and remove the excess of the paste.


Roll out the arms and cut into two. The diagonal surfaces will form the hands.

Proceed in thinning the wrists with your fingers a little above the edge of the hand.

Craftsy Free Cake Decorating Class


Using your Dresden tool shape the hands and fingers.

Create the elbows and shape the arms as shown.


Using yellow gumpaste create the crown, the edge of the bodice, belt and finish of the boots.

Paint the stars on the shorts using white color powder diluted with edible alcohol.


Use the black gumpaste to create the hair. For the tufts on the forehead make cylinders, flatten them, cut them out and paste them from the center of the forehead, causing them to fall to the sides of the face. Shape as you like with a spatula and create waves to create an effect of hair in the wind.

Create and place the crown.



Form a disk of white sugar paste, cut it out with a pastry cutter and place it over the cake.


Finish covering the whole cake with whipped cream to create strokes the clouds and leaving a space at the top area for placing Wonder Woman.

Chocolate Cake with Chantilly Cream and Strawberries Recipe



125g of raising flour

130gr of flour

50g of dark chocolate

400g of sugar

200g of margarine

200g of milk

100g of dark chocolate

80g of white chocolate

120g eggs (2 eggs)


30gr of flour 00

1 sachet of vanilla

200ml of whipping cream

200g of strawberries

250ml of milk

50g of powdered sugar

1 egg


400gr of sour cream

60gr of powdered sugar

1 sachet of vanilla

100gr of white sugar paste



Warm up in a small pan over low heat, the milk, the butter and sugar. Then add the white chocolate and dark chocolate chopped into small pieces, turn gently with a spatula until the chocolate is completely melted to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Pour the mixture in a bowl, add the flour, cocoa and previously sifted baking powder and mix everything until the mixture is homogeneous.

Then incorporate one egg at a time and then let the mixture to rest for 15 minutes. Pour the mixture on a baking pan greased with butter and dusted with flour and bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Check the baking of the cake by inserting a toothpick in the center and if pulling it out it remains dry with no residue of the paste then the cake is cooked, let it cool and then churn out and then cut to form three discs of the same height (1cm).


In a saucepan combine the milk, butter, sugar, eggs and flour and cook over low heat stirring with a whisk for the entire cooking time to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan and to avoid lumps, until the cream is not solidify in the desired consistency.

When ready pour into a bowl and let it cool completely.

Whip the cream with the powdered sugar and then incorporate it to the pastry cream and mix vigorously with a whisk.  Let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.


Maria Genna of MG SugarCake is an award-winning Italian cake designer who has gained international recognition for her amazing character sculptures. She is perhaps best known for her endearing sculptured cakes of Disney® princesses, but took home silver from the 2013 Cake International show in Birmingham, England for her stunning cake inspired by her love of classical art and the famous painting by William Bouguereau, “Cupid and Psyche as Children.”  Today, Maria continues to design, and teaches classes in sugar sculpting and color to students throughout the world.


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