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Edible Pinwheels by James Rosselle

Edible Pinwheels By James Rosselle Edible Pinwheels instructions: Step 1: To start, you will need gum paste, rolling pin, and a square cutter. ↓ Step 2: Roll out gum paste. Cut out a square piece. Set aside. Cut a piece of an edible image the same size as the square. ↓ Step 3: Spread a small amount of shortening onto the square piece of gum paste. ↓ Step 4: Carefully lay the edible image over the square piece of gum paste. Make sure to smooth out any ruffles if you have any. ↓ Step 5: Using a pairing knife, cut…
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Artist Spotlight

Sugar Flower Arranging Tips from James Rosselle

Sugar Flower Arranging By James Rosselle Have you admired the sugar flower arranging work of cake designers and also wondered how they do floral work? Well, there is an art to arranging flowers on a cake. Sugar flower arranging may not be simple. It can be intimidating, in fact terrifying! As we all know, sugar flowers are a labor of love. They are made petal by petal and are very fragile items. The sound of shattering sugar flowers breaks my heart. Don’t let that thought scare you. My advice, show those flowers who is boss. Here are some guidelines I…
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