Homemade Cornstarch/Flour Duster

This tutorial was created by Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes at http://www.queenofheartscouturecakes.com/.

Before we start decorating the cookies (super duper long overdue order) for our dearest friend Janine (sooooo sorry our darling), we thought we’d write a short blog on how to do a “Homemade Cornstarch/Flour Duster”. :grin:

So here are the materials needed:


Stockings/Socks (make sure they are clean :lol: ) and a bowl of cornstarch/flour.



Just to make sure you wouldn’t get big holes in your duster when the stocking “run”, we’ll double the layer. So to do that, insert you hand inside the stockings then pull the hem/edging/fringe/end-bit (whatever! you know what I mean.. :shock: ) back down.


Then put a fair amount of flour/cornstarch/icing sugar inside (just in the middle part) your stocking..see, just like a candy. :grin:

And then finally, tie two ends together. Et voila! Easypeasy! :smile:

We suggest that you just put fair amount of flour/cornstarch inside and ideally, wash it again for sanitary reason. Specially if you use it to dust cookie dough as it can become greasy and therefore susceptible to germs and what have you. :lol:


And here is the infographic photo ready for “pinning”. 8-)

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