Mirror glaze cake white chocolate mousse tutorial

In this video Zoe and Fran show you how to make a mirror glaze white chocolate mousse cake shaped like a Christmas wreath! Sugarcoated by Francesca falbo - Instructions and recipe - White chocolate raspberry mousse- 18g gelatine (180 strength ) 90g cold water Stir together and leave to one side. 555g or white chocolate into a bowl. On the hob heat 525g of double cream to 80 degrees. Remove the pan from the heat. Add the set gelatine mix into your hot double cream. Add the warm cream mix into the bowl with the white chocolate. Mix with a…
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Are you daydreaming about making beautiful cakes? Learn How to Make Cake

Learn How to Make Cake  Like a Pro! Are you daydreaming about beautiful cakes? Have you always wanted to try making those fancy cakes you see online and on TV? Well, now you can! There is a super easy and fun way to learn to make cakes right from home. Forget about taking expensive classes run by amateurs  who only teach you one standard method of making cakes- you need the Yener's Way! So now you may be wondering what the Yener's way is and let me tell you, it is the best way to learn how to make elaborate,…
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