Home Baking: A Home-Based Baking Business

Home Baking: Are you familiar with the requirements, startup and operation? If you are a baking/food enthusiast and have always wanted to start a home baking business, this could be your opportunity!  Currently there are two types of home-baking businesses permitted in many states…A “Cottage Food Kitchen” and a “Commercial Kitchen”.  If you’re not familiar, here’s a brief description.  Cottage Food Kitchens are operated from the personal kitchen and Commercial Kitchens are typically operated from a separate room/space in the home like a basement, lower level or a garage.  Both businesses have similarities yet distinct differences.  Each business/kitchen setup is…
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Writing a Business Plan – Planning for Your Home Bakery

Writing a Business Plan - Planning for Your Home Bakery Writing a business plane is one of the most important parts of starting a business and proper planning for the business, which means creating a written plan for how you intend to start and operate. When someone mentions “writing a business plan”, do you think to yourself…That’s not something that I need to be concerned with. I’m simply planning to do a little baking at home. Further – Why all the fuss about creating a plan for a home bakery? Is it really, really necessary? The answer is “Yes”, particularly…
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