Italian Meringue Butter Cream

Italian Meringue Butter Cream

Yield: enough to frost one 9” cake (3 layers)

You Will Need:

  • 2 ¼ cups of Sugar
  • ½ cup COLD water
  • 1tsp Vanilla
  • 1 C Egg Whites
  • 1 ½ pounds of unsalted butter
  • Kitchen Aid mixer – is the best way to have this frosting whip up.  Us the whip attachment first then change to the paddle blade (you’ll see when further down)

Step 1 – Place sugar and COLD water in a pot and set your timer for 7 minutes.  Boil on medium heat – do not mix while the sugar is heating and boiling, otherwise it will cause the sugar to crystallize.  Now place your egg whites in the mixer with the whisk attachment.
Step 2:  When the sugar has been boiling for 5 minutes start the egg whites, first on low speed for a few seconds then turn the mixer onto high, whisk for at last two minutes of your sugar boiling.  When the timer goes off, turn the mixer down to low and slowly pour the hot sugar down the side of the bowl.  BE CAREFUL THE MIXTURE WILL BE VERY HOT.  Turn the mixer back up to high, and let it mix until the bowl is cool enough to touch.

Step 3:  Now that all the syrup has been added the mixture should appear thick and fluffy – now change to the paddle blade.  
When all sugar syrup has been added it should look thick and fluffy. Stop the mixer and change for the paddle attachment. To avoid meringue splatter all over your kitchen place a clean tea towel over the mixer. Set the timer on 5 minutes and beat on high speed. (Cool down time may vary depending on your mixer) After 5 minutes you should now have a lovely thick meringue.

Step 4: 
Now it’s time to add the butter. Start the mixer on low speed and with a knife cut pieces of the butter and add it to the meringue. When all butter is added, turn the mixer back up to high, and it will not take long for mixture to turn into nice thick smooth butter cream. No slow the mixer down and add your vanilla and scrap down the sides of the bowl and continue to mix until you have a creamy butter cream.

Note: If it is still too loose just continue to mix (this sometimes happens if your bowl is not clean or if you accidently get some egg yolk in the egg whites). It will eventually get smooth. If you are still having problems, put the whole bowl with paddle attachment into the fridge and let it cool down a bit and the butter starts to get cold and then whip it again.
Also if you have taken it out from the fridge or freezer then bring it back to room temperature and whip it smooth before use.

4 thoughts on “Italian Meringue Butter Cream

  1. Hello
    what is the difference between Swiss meringue and Italian meringue as it comes to using on a wedding cake tiers, and holding up in summer weather. Do you ever us your Italian meringue on tiered wedding cakes. Thanks marg

  2. Hello Marg – The big difference between Italian and Swiss Meringue Buttercream is stability or how well they hold up in all situations. Swiss tends to melt or deflate a little faster and doesn’t hold up as well in warm weather. Since Italian meringue is made from a sugar syrup it slightly more stable I always use italian meringue and have never had and issues with melting. hope this is helpful.

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