Cake Baking Classes – 4 Reasons Live Classes are Better Than Online…and 4 Reasons Why They Aren’t

Cake baking and decorating is an art. Every professional knows that perfecting that art is a lifelong process of continued learning and mastering new techniques. Taking classes is one of the primary avenues in which to perfect your skills. With the increase of online classes it may be tempting to do most learning while staying in the comfort of your own home. Completely replacing live classes, however, may not be a wise choice. The following discusses 4 reasons why live classes are better than online, but why you still need both.

Why Live Cake Baking Classes Are Better Than Online

1. Personalized Instruction

Live cake baking classes allow an instructor can actually step into the process with you in a live class. Each step in the baking process can be monitored, tweaked and perfected in a way that’s simply not possible when you’re learning online.

2. Interaction With Other Students

You’ll likely learn as much from other students as you do from the instructor. You’ll also have the opportunity to form connections and contacts that can improve your career.

3. Immediate Feedback

Yes, you and your family can taste whatever you’ve just made after watching an online class, but they’re likely not going to be able to tell you where you went wrong if the final product is not quite what you expected.

4. You Get to Engage All Your Senses

Baking is not just visual, but it engages all the senses. A successful baker uses not only sight and taste, but touch and smell to know how well a cake is progressing. You’ll only be experiencing part of the process if you’re not participating in a live class.

But you still need online classes because:

1. You Can Learn From Anywhere

If a New York chef is offering a class in Manhattan and you’re in Minnesota it’s obviously ideal to be able to tune in online. Online classes offer flexibility regarding not only location, but addresses the time constraints many people have.

2. Learn at Your Own Pace

Sometimes an instructor simply goes through the process at a speed that makes it difficult to keep up. Being able to replay a video as many times as it takes until you understand the process is one of the most important reasons to take online classes.

3. There are Fewer Distractions

Taking a class in the privacy of your own home when no one else is there makes it much easier to concentrate. Even though working with others can provide several benefits, it can also create distractions.

4. Financial Constraints

Taking a class in an actual classroom or a fully equipped kitchen will usually be more expensive than taking an online class. Not only will the actual classes probably be cheaper to take, but you’ll save money and time by not having to commute.

While online classes are great to help supplement knowledge, it’s important to remember that live classes cannot be replaced. As wonderful as technology can be, the hands-on art of baking is something that must be experienced on every level to truly be mastered.

Do you prefer online cake baking classes or live? Comment below.

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  1. Whatever works best for you, right? I also agree that live classes are better than online. Physically being present and surrounded with your classmates is just a feeling that you can’t get from being stuck in your kitchen and staring at a screen. Although I strongly believe there is a market for online classes as everyone is on the go and its a lot more convenient with the whole virtual set-up.

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