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Mason Jar Cake Tutorial – Edna of Design Me a Cake

All the links are posted below with information. Website: Webstore: Facebook: Cake/263955423295?pnref=lhc Recap Mason Jars: Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement for the Mason Jar Company. This is a product I love and use and I wanted to share with everyone. However, the link shared will give me a small percentage only if people buy through it. The percentage is low but any earning I will be used towards tutorials. Banana Cake Recipe: Soft Cream Cheese buttercream (can be used as filling too): Crusting Cream Cheese Buttercream Recipe: Salted Caramel Recipe: The Piping Bag Tutorial: Blog in English: Blog…
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Cupcake Apocalypse Collaboration

Cupcake Apocalypse Collaboration The Cupcake Apocalypse has arrived! Check out this horror themed collaboration created by Joyce Marcellus of Toxic Sweets Shop and Kassy Jiminez of Cakes & Crafts by Kass. Each participant was required to use a giant cupcake in their design which was inspired by either a horror film or tv show. In addition to photos of their projects, each participant has created a video tutorial! Adriana Vela of Adriana's Pastries Theme: Evil Dead (2013) This giant cupcake was designed by Adriana to portray the scene from Evil Dead (2013) when the character she cuts off her hands with an electric knife.…
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