In this video Zoe and Fran show you how to make a mirror glaze white chocolate mousse cake shaped like a Christmas wreath!

Sugarcoated by Francesca falbo –

Instructions and recipe –
White chocolate raspberry mousse-
18g gelatine (180 strength )
90g cold water
Stir together and leave to one side.

555g or white chocolate into a bowl.
On the hob heat 525g of double cream to 80 degrees.
Remove the pan from the heat.
Add the set gelatine mix into your hot double cream.
Add the warm cream mix into the bowl with the white chocolate.
Mix with a hand blender
Add some warm lemon juice (heated for 20 seconds in the microwave), give it another mix

In a mixing bowl whip up 600g of cold cream to a light consistency.
Add small amounts of the cream to your mix bit by bit and stir.
Optional add flavouring, we use raspberry in the video.
Add the mixture into your chosen mould.
Optional add a sponge base.
Freeze for at least 24 hours.

Mirror Glaze –
11g of gelatine (180 strength ) to 55g water, mix.
Leave to one side.

150g white chocolate
100g condensed milk
Mix in a bowl.

In a pan add 150g glucose, 150g caster sugar, 75g water and heat to 103 degrees.

Add the set galetine into your white chocolate / condensed milk mix.
Then add your glucose mix. Mix with a hand blender.

Add gel food colours ( optional )
Add a pinch of titanium dioxide

chocolate baubles –
To create the white chocolate baubles, simply melt your desired amount of white chocolate in the microwave in 20 second intervals uuntil it reaches 29 degrees. We used a piping bag to fill our cake pop mould with the melted chocolate. Once this started to set we poured out the middle to keep our baubles hollow.

Heat up the bottom of a cake tin so that you can melt the rough edges of your bauble halves and stick them together whilst the chocolate is still hot.

Tools and products used in this video – (CHECK BACK SOON FOR FULL LIST)
White chocolate –
White cocoa butter –
gelatine powder 180g –
Saracino raspberry flavouring –
Lobster tail mould
Titanium dioxide –
Green food gel –
Snowflake cutter –
thermometer –
Cake pop mould –
Gold dust coloursplash –
Yellow food colour –
blue food colour –
Paint sprayer –
Red edible dust –
Craft mat –
Cake modelling tool –

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