Thursday September 27, 2012


Nicola Windle

3D carved and sculpted Tutankhamun Mask.

This cake was sponge cake base and RKT (rice krispie treats) head, covered with fondant and coloured Gold using Antique Gold Lustre and Gildesol (for the burnished look)

It took about 20 hours just to decorate (with 4 hours spent on the bead work), i then sprayed it with spray glaze to give the shiney effect. The board is decorated in the style of a papyrus with Hieroglyphs that actually read (well as close as i could research) “Tutankahum, ruler and Sovereign of the Upper and lower lands, son of Akhenaten and Nefertiti etc.”
I then covered it all with golden coloured sugar to simulate sand – as if it had just been discovered.

I loved making this cake and i hope you enjoy it too.



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