types of candles

Learn how to light up your special occasion with cake decorating. Cake candles elicit excitement in both youngsters and adults. The act of blowing out candles adds a distinctive touch to every occasion.

There are many various types of candles available, as well as many different colors. Always check that the color of the candles matches the cake’s ornamentation. Although candles aren’t common on wedding anniversary cakes, red, gold, or silver candles on these cakes might be a conversation starter.

Make sure the candles don’t fall over. Place them in a candleholder instead of putting them into the cake surface. Candleholders are offered in a variety of colors to complement the candles. They’re available in gold and silver as well. When candles are placed together, they have more effect and are easier to blow out in one puff!

Also, if the cake candles are trimmed to slightly various levels, they seem more intriguing on an adult cake.

Self-lighting candles astonish everyone, especially the individual who is trying to blow them out and discovers that the candles keep re-lighting themselves!

Another option is to use twisted (spiral) candles. They look best on a cake that isn’t overly adorned. Children enjoy chunky candles in the shape of a number because they add emphasis to a cake. They even go up to fifty years old! Candles can be placed on the board if there isn’t enough room on top of the cake. Remove the spike from a candleholder and glue it in place. Alternatively, make a star out of stiff royal icing and insert the candle inside.

Run-outs (colorflow) candles can be placed flat or upright on the cake surface. Make the yellow icing flame, then pour in a small bit of red frosting and swirl it around with a cocktail stick.

Finally, here’s another form of DIY candle, this one with a flame. Form a sausage form out of a piece of marzipan that has been moulded until it is free of cracks. Cut a slant on one end and insert a flaked almond. The almond will light up because it contains oil.

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