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Richard’s Cakes, Manchester, England

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The team at Richard’s Cakes has harnessed the power of the Internet to create an international following, amassing over 34,000 Facebook “likes” in just the past year. With the addition of local classes and Internet-based video tutorials, Richard and his colleagues have succeeded in establishing a baking community that allows them to share their insight and bake and decorate creative, beautiful cakes. Richard kindly agreed to speak with us about his journey and provide some tips for up and coming bakers.

Richard opened his first shop with the help of a grant from the Prince’s Trust. A charity led by Prince Charles, whom Richard has met on multiple occasions, this organization provides support to young entrepreneurs. After receiving a grant that matched his personal investment, Richard opened the doors to his bakery and, ever since, has dedicated his time and talent to creating gorgeous, one-of-a-kind cakes for his customers.


After paying his dues for many years, Richard and his team found international success with the establishment of their Facebook page. Richard, when asked what surprises him most about today’s industry, replied that the power of the World Wide Web has proven to be an unexpected asset to his company. “The Internet opens so many more horizons and avenues,” Richard commented, “so that’s what we want to explore.”

With this surge in attention has come the ability of the team at Richard’s Cakes to expand their operations. In addition to continuing to offer diverse, delicious cakes, the company has launched baking classes for residents within its local community. In an effort to reach out to the international fans of its work, Richard’s Cakes has also posted video tutorials to share new techniques with other bakers.

Starting a bakery, like starting any business, is a challenging experience; however, Richard and his team have succeeded through their hard work and undeniable talent. As a piece of advice to up and coming bakers, Richard encourages them to remain patient, maintain realistic expectations, and practice, practice, practice.




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