During a recent Penryn Town Council charity event held on August 28, 2012, Dave, the proprietor of Dave’s All Occasion Cakes, created a huge and handcrafted clocktower cake that was to become his “biggest achievement so far!” What’s more… he did it for charity!

FAIR DAY_008Dave chose the clocktower cake because of its significance to the people of Penryn. “Every local knows the town clock; it’s on the high street and a main feature of the town.” Penryn is one of Cornwall’s most ancient towns, founded in 1216 with a wealth of charm, character and history. Further details can be found here: (http://www.penryntowncouncil.co.uk/)

“I wanted to do something to stretch my abilities to see what I could do, sort of pushing myself really,” explained Dave. Push himself he did! His creation took several days to complete, with the tower just shy of 2 feet tall. The tower was constructed of chocolate sponge cake, whilst the town hall and museum were made of vanilla sponge cake. Dave wanted to use different flavours so people could have a choice.

On the actual day of the big event, which was held outdoors, the heavens opened up and drenched poor Dave, who had set up a stall/gazebo to sell cupcakes and mini-camper vans. “The rain was so heavy it just came straight through the roof,” recounted Dave, “and all my cakes were ruined!” Well, all except his clocktower cake, which was kept safe and dry for the main raffle event. Raffle tickets were sold for Dave’s clocktower cake to raise money for charity.

SAM 3052Dave’s amazing clocktower cake, and the Penryn Town Council event attendees all had a happy ending on that very rainy day. Once the cake was raffled off, a winner was announced (who actually won two bottles of wine), and the cake was provided to a local pub so that it could be cut up and shared out with everyone.

Proceeds from the Penryn council event benefitted the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust , a worthy cause that is funded by the people of Cornwall. For 2012 alone, the trust needed to raise around 1.7 million pounds. You can find out more about the charity here: (http://www.helimed181.co.uk/default.aspx)

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