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Favorite Great British Baking Show Recipes

There are so many great British baking show recipes flashing past our eyes when we watch the (now world-famous) Great British Bake Off, and they all look so decadent and delicious! We adore each and every one of them, but we’ve got a few that we’ve decided need to go in our favorites list. In this article, we’re going to run through each of them, and talk about our favorite parts as well as how we might put a little twist on them.

great british baking show recipesRahul’s Spiced Apple & Plum Nut Crumble with Orange & Ginger Ice Cream

This is one of many examples of the same thing on Bake Off – every single word in the title makes the recipe sound more and more enticing. We start with ‘spiced apple and plum’ which is a fantastic base, naturally. Then, onwards to ‘nut crumble’! We love a good crumble any day of the week, but the idea of using some wonderfully flavored nuts to give the dish some sparkle is utterly fantastic. Finally, we arrive at ‘orange & ginger ice cream’, which is a sentence I expect is written on the walls of food heaven. Orange and ginger make a wonderful combination, and their inherent combined acidity can be dialed back with the richness and creaminess of a wonderfully made ice cream.

There’s also another thing in this recipe that we adore: praline. We aren’t sure why it isn’t mentioned in the title, but it should be! Praline is a wonderful substance made by blending nuts at a certain speed and for a certain amount of time. This is the same way that nut butter is made, though to make praline you don’t blend for quite as long. This praline is made with hazelnuts and almonds – which is definitely a stroke of genius!

It would be sacrilege to change any of the ingredients in this gentle balancing act, so instead, we’d suggest a slightly different way of incorporating them. Perhaps candied orange or stem ginger could be used in the ice cream to give it a slightly different texture – though we’re sure following the recipe is amazing too!

great british baking show

Prue Leith’s Coconut Macaroons

Coconut macaroons are one of the most underappreciated sweet bakes out there, in my humble opinion. They’re something that I discovered during college thanks to a local bakery that made absolutely incredible ones. So incredible, in fact, that I bought one nearly every Tuesday morning for my library study session. As much as that might not be a healthy habit, the fusion of sugar from the macaroon and caffeine from the coffee certainly helped me power through essays in no time at all.

These macaroons in particular look utterly delightful. There are two flavors on offer in the recipe, mango or chocolate. Chocolate has a long-standing history of being a delicious flavor for macaroons, but there’s definitely something to say for the mango too! Mango is such wonderful fruit, it’s just so sweet if nothing else. The mango curd in the recipe also makes use of a little lime juice to give the curd a gentle, wonderful kick. While this may sound unnecessary, we promise it makes all the difference in the world. In a similar vein, people often recommend adding instant coffee to chocolate cakes – two opposing flavors can sometimes bring out the best in each other.

There are two little tweaks that we might make to this recipe if we were cooking it in our own kitchens.

Firstly, the recipe suggests you use rice flour in the body of the macaroons. This is a great idea for a number of reasons, mostly because of how very light and delicate rice flour can be. That said, we’d consider ground almonds a better choice. The recipe includes a little almond extract, so using ground almonds will help you to achieve that fantastic flavor with little to no effort. Furthermore, ground almonds (or almond flour) is used in traditional macarons as it, also, is very light. Plus, yet another benefit – almond flour is gluten-free, so we aren’t adding gluten to this recipe where there was none, to begin with.

Our other slight change would be that the recipe might benefit from the addition of a little maple syrup. Condensed milk makes up the majority of the liquid content in this recipe, so perhaps you could take out a tablespoon or so from the recipe, and replace that with maple syrup. There could be a slight texture difference in the end product – but the flavor will be fantastic!

great british favorites

Michael’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are an incredibly simple thing to make. As such, they have attracted the attention of any number of people who want to ensure that their cookies are not just good, but among the best!

This mentality is something that I completely understand – I once spent a week doing little but making brownies, and now I make absolutely stunning ones! This recipe follows a number of small and odd steps, such as weighing and chilling. These might seem strange, but they’re what makes the cookies great!

The weighing of the dough, after you’ve made it, means that you can ensure the cookies are uniform throughout the entire batch. This means that you can be definitely sure that everyone who’s eating one of your cookies is getting a good amount of chocolate chips in each mouthful – an important part of cookie science.

The chilling of the cookie is a very interesting part of the process. It means that, why the cookies are finally baked, you end up with cookies with a wonderfully well-developed caramel flavor from all the sugar in these cookies. You can miss this step out, but we’d definitely recommend going for it – the flavor is worth it!

These are just a few of our favorite great British baking show recipes from the Great British Bake Off, and thankfully these recipes are all online. You can feel free to go and check them out through the links in our article, but make sure to let us know how it goes! We love baking, and we’d love to hear about how your experiments went.  Happy baking!

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