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Irresistible Cupcake Decorating Ideas For Halloween

Halloween rapidly approaches, and if any holiday demands unique cupcake decorating ideas, it’s this one! Is can be a little difficult, however, to think up some great (and yet still easy to accomplish) ideas for Halloween cupcakes. In this article, we’re going to run through a couple that we really like!

witch cupcakeWicked Witch of The West

Have you got some Wizard of Oz lovers in your house? Well, maybe this Halloween you can make your own spin on the classic tale. What’s the difference? Well, in your version, the witch doesn’t get killed by a house. Instead, she gets killed by a cupcake!

You can pick up modeling chocolate at a number of different craft stores, or even make your own! From there, you can dye it in different colors and make yourself some little legs to stick out of the top of a cupcake, wicked witch style.

Hungry Strawberries

This one is easiest if you have a little strawberry corer, but you can use a paring knife if you don’t.

Simple bake your batch of cupcakes (strawberry flavored mighty work well for this, though chocolate and strawberry are a famously wonderful combination), and ice them more or less as normal. Then, begin work on your strawberries.

First, make sure they’re completely clean – it’s a good idea to wash them if you picked them yourselves. Then, taking your strawberry corer, simply push it into the top where the stalk is. Twist and gently remove to take the core of the strawberry out. We have a mouth!

Then, lay down your cored strawberries on top of the cupcakes, and get your finest piping bag nozzle. Make up a batch of basic, plain white icing, and fill the piping bag. Then, ice as many little spikes as you can fit around the circular opening at the top of the strawberry. Keep them fairly consistently sized, and they should look like little teeth!

bloody icingBloody Icing

One of my favorite cupcake decorating ideas is this one. Perfect if you’re hoping for a low-effort, high-reward recipe.

To make it, simply make a batch of basic cupcakes and ice with some simple white icing. It doesn’t need to be white, but the end effect really is best if it is. You’ll be topping the white icing with blood-red icing, so having very light colors is best for the contrast. Of course, light colors don’t necessarily mean white, and perhaps a light blue or green could fit well with the spooky colors of the season.

Then, make up a basic batch of icing, and add in a healthy portion of red food coloring. The more you put in, the more blood-red it’ll be, so don’t be shy with it. When you’re happy with the color, simply pick up a utensil that will be good for dripping thin icing onto your cupcakes. I’d recommend a fork, personally, as it will let you get both wide strokes and sharp dots. Add a spooky eye for added pleasure!

To get the best coverage, try to scoop quite a lot of icing in one go, initially, and then allow a big blob to fall onto your cakes. Once that initial blob has fallen, start to trail the fork through the air in order to spread the icing in thin, sharp lines.

little redRed Riding Hood’s Woodsman Cupcakes

I’m sure you remember the classic tale of red riding hood. At the end of the story, a valiant woodsman comes into grandmother’s home and saves red riding hood from the wolf. Well, in the version of the story that these cupcakes tell, the woodsman has a strong dislike for baked goods, so strong, in fact, that he takes his ax to them regularly.

To make these cupcakes, simply bake some plain cupcakes and top with a generous swirl of soft icing. The next step’s a little more involved but worth it. TO make the ‘blood’ spatter, try baking some hard candies until they melt, and then allowing them to return to room temperature. Of course, red is best, but it’s up to you!

To make the axes, you’ll need some matches and some fondant icing. Roll your red fondant icing out into a sheet roughly a centimeter thick, and cut out little ax-head shapes. If you were showing off, you could even put a little silver confectionary glitter on the ‘sharp’ edge of the ax. When you’ve made the ax heads, cut some match sticks down to size, and gently poke them into the heads. Before you know it you’ve got some adorable little axes!

ghost cupcake ideasSpooky Ghosts

Spooky ghosts are a Halloween staple, and I absolutely love to see them around the neighborhood. Personally, I prefer a cute ghost to a scary one, but that distinction is up to you: they’re your cupcakes!

To make some cute-spooky ghosts is quite easy indeed. Generally, things are cuter if they’re a little chubby, so aim for that when piping. Begin by piping a large-ish circle on the top of your cupcake, and then remove the nozzle from the cake. Pipe a slightly smaller circle on top of the one you just did, and then a third, final, small circle on the very top. It should be roughly the shape and type of size as a snowman that’s been a little squished.

To complete the ghost look, you need a couple of eyes. On the highest of the three ghost circles, you can add a couple of little eyes. There are two ways to do that.

Firstly, you could use a small icing writing pen, and simply squeeze out two little globules of black icing. That would allow you to control the shape and size of the eyes very finely, perhaps you could do one small eye and one big eye to represent surprise.

Secondly, and more easily, in my opinion, you could poke some little chocolate chips into the icing. Going point first, gently push the chips in at the same level as each other until they’re roughly flush with the icing itself. That way, you’ll have a consistent smoothness which adds to the cuteness of the ghost.

However you choose to decorate your cupcakes for Halloween, we’re sure they’ll go down a storm. Good luck, and happy baking!

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