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Everything You Need to Know Before You Rent Commercial Kitchen Space

Everything You Need to Know Before You Rent Commercial Kitchen Space

By Doug Marranci

The last few years have brought about a revival in small business ownership and an interest in how to rent commercial kitchen space. In particular, baking and cooking enthusiasts have hatched businesses from their own kitchens. Unfortunately, they may find their aspirations dashed by the Cottage Food Law, which prohibits entrepreneurs in some states from selling homemade goods. In an effort to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners while enforcing the letter of the law, commercial kitchens have become a popular alternative to cooking from home.

rent commercial kitchen spaceBuild Your Business – Rent Commercial Kitchen Space

If you are looking to build a business on your culinary talent, a commercial kitchen may be the best place to start. These kitchens are rented to individual cooks, bakers, and culinary organizations by the hour, with rates reflecting the amount of time in the kitchen to which you are entitled each month. With commercial kitchens becoming more and more popular, they have begun adding to their services.

For example, The Edge Kitchen, a new commercial kitchen in Kennesaw, Georgia, works as more than just a space for food preparation; this kitchen serves as an incubator for small businesses, offering guidance, resources, and valuable kitchen access to small business owners looking to grow their enterprises.

A non-profit partner of Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business and The Edge Connection, The Edge Kitchen is unique in that it helps its renters develop their businesses. Through the expert guidance of professionals at The Edge Connection, you will receive the practical education you need to ensure that the business side of your endeavor develops as nicely as your catalog of recipes.

rent commercial kitchen space - equipmentGet Creative – Grow Your Business

Commercial kitchens are the perfect incubators for small businesses because they allow you to concentrate on growing your organization without having to worry about paying rent for a kitchen all your own. Many small businesses find themselves needing a commercial space but unable to meet the financial demands associated with a private kitchen. Additionally, instead of concentrating your financial resources on supplies, commercial kitchens provide all the equipment you need, including pots, pans, mixers, freezers, storage containers, and more, so that you can focus on growing your business.

rent commercial kitchen space counters

Doug is the founder of Independent Kitchen Solutions which helps match small business owners with commercial kitchen space. For more information about The Edge Kitchen or renting commercial kitchen space please contact Doug at 404-987-6958, His Facebook page is

** all images were taken at The Edge Kitchen.


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