Edible Art of the Day Winner for Monday, July 08 Angel Magasano

Edible Art of the Day Winner for Monday, July 08 Angel Magasano.


My project titled, “We’re All Mad Here” features the ever whimsical “Alice in Wonderland” inspired by the Lewis Carroll novel and many popular movies.

The bottom tier features the Mad Hatter pondering life. Atop his head sits his great green top hat adorned with beloved characters such as the Cheshire Cat, Hookah the Smoking Caterpillar, and the singing flowers (not shown). The topsy-turvy table is set for tea on the top tier. The table cloth is flared enough to see Alice falling through the rabbit hole while the Queen’s Guards stand watch.

The cake is covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and embellished with gumpaste and fondant figures, air brush details and edible beading. Formed chocolate was used to make the adorable tea sets that sit atop the cake.


Congrats Angel!!!



  1. ReplyLisa German

    😀 Angel’s cake not only look beautiful, they taste fabulous! She is so gifted! Check out her site…so worth it!

  2. ReplyBeth Ann Magasano

    Angel puts a lot of imagination and work into her delicious bake goods. They also taste good too! Only wish we lived closer so we could enjoy them all. Can’t wait to see her next creation!

  3. ReplyMarie Miller

    I live in Pittsburgh so I only get to see Angel’s creations on the web and through Aunt Mary Lu’s photos, but Angel and Danielle are truly artists. Keep up the tasty and beautiful work!

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