Monday January 27th, 2014 – Rumana Jaseel

Monday January 27th, 2014 – Rumana Jaseel

Coral Radiance

Fantastic colour scheme,simple, elegant, chic sweet rendezvous with the dashing young couple Asha and Thomas.The colour made me think of the phrase “where the light meets”. Although simple, I feel it’s taken on it’s own charm.Coral and Off white theme,a non flowery tale with lots of texture brought by coral and white ruffle pom poms, centered with a large fabric textured ruffle, and sugar lace doilies to add to the Midas touch. This cake was created for my very first Indo-International wedding of young and dashing Asha and Thomas (German). To our surprise, the wedding destination was set at an outdoor space by the beautiful picturesque Cochin Kayal( back waters) (A very much awaited destination wish for a project ). Although, quite a sunny day and I was tensed if the cake would survive the heat after the long travel from Tvm to Cochin,the very sight of all candid moments captured kept us Bindaas Thankam and I) aloft leaving behind the tension of getting a migraine headache lol.
To top it all, I was deeply humbled when the MC who graced the occasion mentioned my name over the mike thanking me on the job well done.Now you know that traveling miles with my first set of bundle of joy(my hubby and three kids) to deliver my second bundle of joy(incrEDIBLE art) is a cinch when you witness such priceless and magical moments.Worth every take on it!
So here it is,

Cake layout inspired by The Caketress,(as the bride wanted a similar design) but of course with a difference that gives it my own touch of style.

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