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Learning More About Sweetapolita Cake Sprinkles

Cake sprinkles are small confectionery pieces used in decorating or adding textures to different kinds of desserts like cupcakes, brownies, ice cream, or doughnuts. These tiny candies are made in different colors and are typically used as decorative or topping elements.

These sprinkles are made of corn syrup, sugar, food-grade wax, cornstarch, flavoring, and some artificial flavoring. The use of sprinkles in various types of desserts makes the food more delicious and attractive. So, if you also want to make your delicious extravagant to look at would taste good, then adding some sprinkles on it would be a great idea.

My Favorite Sprinkles

There are several types of sprinkles which you can use for your desserts. If you wish to you know some of the best sprinkles to be added on your desserts, then you may take a glimpse on the following lists:

  • Confetti sprinkles — To add more confetti on top of frosting or even inside a batter would add extravagant look to your cakes. These little embellishments are perfect for designing cakes, brownies, and ice creams.
  • Jimmies — These are classic types of sprinkles that come in hotdog-shaped. These come in various colors; so, your kids will surely love them. Jimmies are great options for ice cream toppings.
  • Crystal sugar — This crystalized type of sugar has quite bigger grain compared to a ground sanding sugar. You can use a crystal sugar to decorate your goods with sparkle effects.
  • Nonpareils — These little spherical balls are great options for blending and combining colors while complementing fun texture. You can put your brownies and cakes with these rounded colorful mini balls to add on its extravagant look.
  • Quins — These typical confetti sprinkles that come in different shapes. So, if you want to add confetti with various shapes on top of your frosting, then quins are perfect options for you.
  • Pixie dust — Pixie dust, commonly known as “edible glitter”, can add bright colors and emphasis on your cakes and brownies. Although it’s a type of food product, there’s a need to use in moderation.
  • Dragées — These are typically edible type of pearls. Dragées are quite bigger than its usual sprinkles. These are perfect to be added on your desserts since these give your food a bit crunchy and amazing look.
  • Sanding sugar — Sanding sugar can be added on your cakes or cookies to add color and crunchiness. It’s a good choice for something you would like to bake with frosting since it makes attractive crust, making your baked goods simpler and tastier.

These sprinkle types can be used for decorating your favorite homemade desserts. So, you can choose any of those sprinkles to add glamour and decorative styles to your cakes, brownies, and ice creams.

How Do You Use Decorative Sprinkles?

There are several ways on how you can use decorative sprinkles onto your desserts. For best and attractive decorative results, you can make use of the following methods or techniques that were listed below:

ü Roll your cookies in crystalized sugar or sanding sugar — You can use this method if you want to decorate your cookies prior to bake them.

ü Add some sprinkles after baking process — You may use egg wash or frosting to make the sprinkles stick to the baked cookies. You can completely decorate your cookies with sprinkles by putting some toppings onto the frosting. Then, put some colorful sprinkles prior to set the frosting.

ü Add some colorful sprinkles to dipped-chocolate cookies — To start with, you can dip the cookies’ edge into a melted chocolate. After that, lay the cookies on a waxed paper. Then, add some decorative sprinkles on top of a melted chocolate.

These techniques are just some basic and interesting techniques on how you can use decorative sprinkles onto your desserts like cookies, brownies, or cakes. You can still opt to use your imaginative skills to make them more attractive to look at.

How Do You Keep Sprinkles from Bleeding When Icing?

When adding decorative sprinkles onto your desserts, it is important to consider the consistency of the icing. Don’t make an icing that is too soft because it may bleed and will ruin your decorations. Another piece of advice is that let your first layer or outline of icing dry for about 12 to 24 hours. If you utilize two contrasting colors, it would be better to let it dry for how many hours so that the second coating will not bleed. Thus, you can successfully add decorative sprinkles based on your preferences.

How Do You Get Sprinkles to Stick to Fondant?

There are some useful hacks which you can use to get the sprinkles stick onto your fondant. One of its best ways is using a sugar glue. Sugar glue has various types. These types are perfect for sticking sprinkles onto the fondant. Once you learn this simple hack, then you can design or create a decorative style for your fondant.

How Do You Keep Sprinkles from Melting?

For you to keep the sprinkles from melting, then it is advisable to use small volume poof sprinkles on the batter. After you make your cookies or your brownies, you may start to decorate them. Try making some cookies without sprinkles first. Let your cookies be completely cool on wire rack. Utilize pastry brush that is dipped in corn syrup. Lightly brush the cookies with the substance. After that, you may start to put some sprinkles as your toppings. Use decorative sprinkles on brownies or cookies after they are baked and completely cooled. Finally, you can melt a sweet chocolate or utilize a frosting to slightly conceal the cookies. Add sprinkles that will adhere onto the chocolate or frosting as it becomes harden.

How Do You Get Sprinkles to Stick to Icing?

Once you’re decorating with colorful sprinkles, make sure to add sprinkles onto wet batter. This is one of the effective ways on how to make them stick to icing without using a sugar glue like frosting. But if you will be adding icing, frosting, or even glaze to the baked goods and want to put some sprinkles, then you can do this procedure while icing, glaze, or frosting is not yet dry.

How Do You Get Sprinkles to Stick to the Bottom of a Cake?

If you don’t want to put additional chocolate anymore, then you can just utilize pasty brush and start dipping it into the sugar syrup. Then throw or pat some colorful sprinkles on it. In this way, you are not adding extra width anymore to the cake’s bottom. You could also utilize watered down glaze jam and the sprinkles would somehow stick on its bottom. On top of that, make sure that the icing has a perfect consistency level to let the sprinkles stick to all parts of the cake.

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