Cottage Food Laws

In the past couple of years, there have been lots of talks, discussions, articles, blogs websites and books dealing with Cottage Food Laws and how to start a Cottage Food Business. With that said, I’m assuming that most everyone is familiar with Cottage Food Laws, what they represent and how they work. But, just in case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a brief description:             Cottage Food Laws (sometimes referred to as Home-Food Processing Rules, Cottage Food Rules or Baker’s Bills) govern baking/food preparation businesses that are operated from the home kitchen. Cottage Food Laws allow a person to…
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Writing a Business Plan – Planning for Your Home Bakery

Writing a Business Plan - Planning for Your Home Bakery Writing a business plane is one of the most important parts of starting a business and proper planning for the business, which means creating a written plan for how you intend to start and operate. When someone mentions “writing a business plan”, do you think to yourself…That’s not something that I need to be concerned with. I’m simply planning to do a little baking at home. Further – Why all the fuss about creating a plan for a home bakery? Is it really, really necessary? The answer is “Yes”, particularly…
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Your Cottage Food Law…Working? Not Working?

With more than half the states having signed legislation for Cottage Food Laws, several states with Restricted Home Food Processing, a couple of states with Pending Legislation and a few states with Cottage-Food-Law Petitions, there are only a few states remaining with no Cottage Food Laws or any type of  home-baking allowances. Sounds like we’re making great progress!  We’re getting there!  Or, are we?  With any new product, service or – in this case – new law the most important opinions come from the people who will ultimately make use of the product, service or ; When it comes to…
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Home Baking: A Home-Based Baking Business

Home Baking: Are you familiar with the requirements, startup and operation?   If you are a baking/food enthusiast and have always wanted to start a home baking business, this could be your opportunity!  Currently there are two types of home-baking businesses permitted in many states…A “Cottage Food Kitchen” and a “Commercial Kitchen”.  If you’re not familiar, here’s a brief ; Cottage Food Kitchens are operated from the personal kitchen and Commercial Kitchens are typically operated from a separate room/space in the home like a basement, lower level or a ; Both businesses have similarities yet distinct ; Each business/kitchen setup…
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