Why Use 3D Gelatin Art Tools and How Do You Use Them?

Not only are gelatin cakes a healthier alternative to sugar filled cakes, but there are over hundreds of designs that you can create with the various tool sets that you can buy. If a unique cake is what you are looking for, than creating a 3D edible flower cake is the way to go. Plus, it is incredibly easy to create these cakes just using clear gelatin and food colouring:

• use a sharp-tip needle to make the pistil,
• create the first petal layer by choosing a small 3D gelatin tool,
• create the second petal layer by choosing a larger 3D gelatin tool,
• repeat the above steps until you have as many layers as you desire,
• inject green gelatin into the petals,
• inject a colouring of your choice for the flower layer.

It will take some time and practice in order to get the petal layering down correctly but by using clear gelatin, you can experiment easily and just not colour the portions you do not want included in the design. This way none of the cake is wasted, and one can keep at it until the design they desire is achieved.

You can get the 3D Jelly Gelatin Tools at my store:


and start enjoying the best designing experience for your cakes.

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