We Need Your Help! South Carolina Cottage Food Law

This cottage food law initiative was started by Debra Graybeal and I early last fall and now has bill S. 1035 in the Senate sponsored by Senator Massey. It has been approved by the Senate committee, and will soon be ready for the second reading. We also have H. 4689 in the House sponsored by Representative Hiott that is a companion bill to the one in the Senate. Representative Sandifer also sponsored Bill H.4706 the week after the first one as he was unaware that H.4689 had been filed. The two House bills have been read once in the House and are assigned to two different committees and we will be going to these meetings on the 22nd. They are public hearings and we are inviting people in SC who support this bill to come as a show of support. We’d like to know of those attending, and replies can be left on the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SCCottageFoodLaw .

We’d also like to ask South Carolinians to sign our online petition at
We will be presenting these signatures to the committee on the 22nd.

The most important thing we need is to have SC residents to contact their state Senator in regards to S1035, and their Representative in regards to H4689 (the favored House bill)to ask for their support of the legislation. This should be done as soon as possible. They love to hear how the cottage food law will help you personally. Phone calls are awesome, but letters and emails have already shown to be very effective too. This website will help you find your legislator and keep track of the bills. If you haven’t read the bills, you can type in the bill number in the “quick search” box and it will pull up the information on that bill.

Everyone should keep in mind that these bills are subject to be amended before the process is said and done. Let your legislator know what you like , or don’t like, about the bill.

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