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Sugar Flower Arranging Tips from James Rosselle

Sugar Flower Arranging By James Rosselle Have you admired the sugar flower arranging work of cake designers and also wondered how they do floral work? Well, there is an art to arranging flowers on a cake. Sugar flower arranging may not be simple. It can be intimidating, in fact terrifying! As we all know, sugar flowers are a labor of love. They are made petal by petal and are very fragile items. The sound of shattering sugar flowers breaks my heart. Don’t let that thought scare you. My advice, show those flowers who is boss. Here are some guidelines I…
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Beautiful Handcrafted Clematis

I learned a range of #SugarArt flower creations recently and tried my hands at designing Clematis. I hope you like it! #Clematis flowers are found in different sizes, colours and forms. It is a designer’s fancy as it gives a variety of #creative options to explore. You can find around 350 species of Clematis distributed across the world, which includes many hybrid forms.
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