Sugarveil Tutorial

Created by Edible Artists Network for the use of Sugarveil icing on the Sugarveil ; A client request lace on a wedding cake and I immediately thought of ; My first attempt a few months ago was a complete disaster, but I was determined to master this wonderful sugar craft. I broke down and ordered the Sugarveil mat. (more…)
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Beginner Cakes

Summer Sunglass Cookies

These retro spotted sunglass cookies almost look like the real thing. Melted candies make yummy edible lenses and multi-colored sprinkles create quick polka dots. A perfect treat for any summer party table. YOU WILL NEED: 1 RECIPE CAKEGIRLS SUGAR COOKIE DOUGH HARD CANDIES (SUCH AS JOLLY RANCHERS) SMALL BREADSTICKS (SUCH AS WHEAT THINS HONEY STIX) BIKINI TOP COOKIE CUTTER 1 1/4" OVAL COOKIE CUTTER 2 BAGS ROYAL ICING MIX SQUEEZE BOTTLES EDIBLE PASTEL CONFETTI DISPOSABLE PIPING BAG 1/2 SHEET TRAY COVERED IN PARCHMENT PAPER TOOTHPICKS  STEP 1: ROLL, CUT AND BAKE COOKIES Prepare the cookie dough per the recipe and…
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Online Classes

How To Make Cake – Take Cake Decorating To a New Level With a Sculpted 3D Cake

How To Make Cake - Take Cake Decorating To a New Level With a Sculpted 3D Cake How to Make Cake You will be able to build an amazing 3D sculpted fat chef cake You will learn about structure and how to build a solid cake You will learn Lesi's secret sculpting technique that results in lifelike faces You will learn how easy it is to work with fondant Spark up your creative energy and order this class now! View more cake classes!
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Cupcake Apocalypse Collaboration

Cupcake Apocalypse Collaboration The Cupcake Apocalypse has arrived! Check out this horror themed collaboration created by Joyce Marcellus of Toxic Sweets Shop and Kassy Jiminez of Cakes & Crafts by Kass. Each participant was required to use a giant cupcake in their design which was inspired by either a horror film or tv show. In addition to photos of their projects, each participant has created a video tutorial! Adriana Vela of Adriana's Pastries Theme: Evil Dead (2013) This giant cupcake was designed by Adriana to portray the scene from Evil Dead (2013) when the character she cuts off her hands with an electric knife.…
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