RECIPE: Budding Art Genius Cake

This is such a lovely way to ensure your child is playing a role in the party plans….

This is such a lovely way to ensure your child is playing a role in the party plans.

Cake decorating pens can be bought at specialist shops or online.

RECIPE: Budding Art Genius Cake
2 sponges
butter cream icing (right)
1 packet white fondant icing
cake decorating pens
lollies to decorate

food colouring

200g butter, softened
1/2 cup milk
1 tbsp vanilla extract

8 cups icing sugar

Make your favourite sponge and add more food colouring than you think necessary. Do the same with the butter cream icing using a different colour. Sandwich the cooked cooled sponge cakes with the icing and smooth over the top and the sides. Save a little bit to attach lollies to the outside of the cake.

Roll out the white fondant icing on a bench sprinkled with a little icing sugar until it is about half a centimetre thick. Drape over the cake and trim to form a snug fit. Place the iced cake in the fridge to harden.

Once the icing is firm, you can hand it over to your little darling to create his or her own masterpiece. Attach your choice of lollies around the outside of the cake, using a little butter cream to cement the sweets on to the cake.

ICING: Cream the butter for a minute, then add the milk and vanilla with half the icing sugar. Continue to whisk until the sugar has been incorporated, then add the remaining icing sugar. It should be light and fluffy.

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