Price: $149.99 - $90.43

KROSNO June Covered Cake Stand is a spacious, handmade raised cake stand with a flat dome lid. The stand is beautiful in its simplicity. An simple, elegant pedestal supports the 11-inch, smooth platform that artfully displays your cake. The platform is oversized and has a hand-cut, scissor-cut rim. The dome is tall enough to accommodate multi-layer, frosted cakes. The dome handle is a large flat disk attached to the flat top of the dome. Straight sides meet the stand for a beautifully finished display. The simple elegance of the stand ensures that the cake is the centerpiece. The stand and cover accentuate your dessert, making it that much more tempting and irresistible! Perfect as a bridal gift or for a housewarming, this cake June Covered Cake Stand is an elegant piece of glassware that make a house feel like home. And it turns every cake you bake into something truly special. June Covered Cake Stands are made by premier Polish glassmaker KROSNO. With elegant design and artisan craftsmanship, KROSNO makes the finest handmade glassware, and has done so since 1924. NOTE: Glass may vary slightly from dimensions listed because each piece is handmade. This is a mark of craftsmanship, evidence of the high-quality and care that go into every single piece of KROSNO glass.Glass Cake Stand with oversized 11-inch diameter pedestal tray and dome cover
Extra large stand with scissor cut rim
Tall dome cover with cut and polished rim
Hand blown by glass artisans in Krosno, Poland
13.75 inches high, 6.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep