We had to do a big wedding cake for one of our regular customers recently so we decided to film the entire process from conception to attending the actual wedding. It was an especially unique project because the cake was made on the Gold Coast (QLD, Australia), and flown to Adelaide (South Australia). It was a huge cake that needed to travel a huge distance. See how Serdar Yener did it!

Table of Contents
0:14 – Introduction
2:46 – Concept
15:15 – Making the pastillage legs
34:43 – Preparing the Internal Boards
37:22 – Layering the cakes
48:50 – Internal construction
52:21 – Packaging
58:04 – Packed, sealed and ready to go!
59:29 – Hello Adelaide!
1:00:22 – Opening the boxes
1:02:35 – Prepare to assemble
1:04:25 – Applying the gold sheet
1:06:02 – Stacking the cakes and preparing to decorate
1:09:36 – Attaching the legs
1:10:41 – Piping work (cake and legs)
1:14:23 – Arranging and attaching the flowers
1:17:45 – Final piping work (spiral)
1:21:34 – The finished cake
1:22:37 – The wedding
1:25:27 – Final thoughts

Download free templates for the pastillage legs and the piping design at the following link…

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