‘Cake Boy’ inspired by the ‘Boss’

Like most 12-year-olds, Lukas Egeland’s world is one of family, school, soccer, karate and the day-to-day activities kids his age enjoy….

Like most 12-year-olds, Lukas Egeland’s world is one of family, school, soccer, karate and the day-to-day activities kids his age enjoy.

What sets Lukas apart is his passion for cake design.

Not just any cake decorating, mind you — we’re talking made-from-scratch, butter, cream and fondant creation worthy of any prime-time pastry show. Stuff we’re sure would make “The Cake Boss” proud.

No cake mixes for this wide-eyed, blond-haired, dimpled cake artist — he makes his from scratch, and does special orders, too, including gluten and wheat-free cakes that are lighter than air and literally melt in your mouth with richness and taste.

With his trusty hand mixer and a professional decorating kit, Lukas goes to town and creates cakes for family and friends made with the finest ingredients, in a variety of flavours including his all-time favourite: Red velvet with cream cheese icing.

He’s created cakes in the shape of champagne bottles, hearts, an artist’s palette, and miniature wedding cakes – all delicately and minutely decorated, the designs coming from deep within this young man’s heart. His dad’s barber has put in a request, friends are planning to include a cake in their entertaining schedule – word of the “Cake Boy” is spreading like the delicious icing he uses.

“Making a cake is like a science project,” says Lukas matter-of-factly, as he easily twirls his piping bag over a cake he’s working on. “Measurements have to be so precise. But the design is up to you, and what you want the cake to look like.”

How did this young man from Brampton become so passionate about cake decorating, of all things?

“The day of (Prince) William and Kate’s wedding, we took the day off and attended a food show that featured ‘Ace of Cake’s’ Duff Goldman,” says his mom, Audrey Macerinskas-Egeland. “Lukas was so excited, even though he didn’t get a chance to meet him, or even see him clearly where he was sitting. Afterwards, I signed him up for a Wilton cake decorating course that was being offered at half price.”

Lukas’ excitement over taking the course was short-lived – when Wilton realized how young he was, the company dragged its foot about allowing him in a class.

“They fought us and fought us, even though we had paid for the course,” adds Lukas’ dad John. “Audrey made call after call, and finally, after months of waiting, Lukas was accepted.’ And wowed his teachers with how quickly he grasped the techniques.

“One of his instructors told me she could not believe Lukas’ talent, and suggested he be encouraged in it,” says Audrey.

Lukas now has his official Wilton certificate showing course completion and is raring to take his hobby to the next level.

Who’s his favourite food personality?

“Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss!” says Lukas with a wide smile. “We even went to his cake shop in New Jersey and waited for four hours to get in. But I didn’t see him.”

Lukas, who watches “Cake Boss” religiously, has picked up some of Buddy’s tips to cake making: “Freeze your cake before decorating it – the cream will stick better and the cake is more pliable,” says Lukas, whose biggest dream is to meet the famous Cake Boss in person.

Until then, he bakes and creates, spends time playing soccer, hangs out with his big brother Spencer, 18, a social media and music enthusiast, and dreams of making cakes worthy enough for the Cake Boss.

The right tools

We couldn’t believe that Lukas creates his cakes with a hand mixer. Neither did the good folks at Canadian Tire, who distributes the much-coveted Kitchen Aid line of mixers, blenders and food processors. So they planned a surprise for the pint-sized pastry kid, to coincide with our interview.

After wrapping up the interview, we heard a knock at Lukas’ front door — and standing there was a Canadian Tire representative, bearing two Kitchen Aid professional cooking and baking appliances, the mixer and food processor in the hot new colour red.

You want to know what Christmas and Easter and Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday summer holidays looks like all rolled into one?

The look on this young boy’s face when he opened the big boxes to reveal how a couple of big, established companies like to invest in the lives of future cake stars.

That was the look on Lukas’ face.

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