I know, I know… most people’s island vacation/holiday snapshots are of sun, fun, sea, and sand; and don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of all of that. The weather here in Barbados has been glorious, and I’ve been out “catamaran-ing,” snorkelling, swimming with turtles, and of course, rum-tasting and generally having an awesome time.  And that’s even before I get to the part about food, and desserts, in particular!

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to Barbados, I must admit; I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this lovely island at least several times before, so I already knew what a gastronomic joy it would be to come back and (for lack of a better expression) PIG OUT here.  I’m not a “been there, done that” kind of person, so it wasn’t difficult for me to make the conscious decision to NOT order the chocolate options for dessert, which is my normal tendency.

Tides PB Mousse 487 x 600

Barbados has some of the most beautiful and finest restaurants in the Caribbean, if not the world!, and I was lucky enough to visit some of them during this trip. OMG hands-down, THE BEST DESSERT I’ve had here, or maybe even ever has to be the peanut butter mousse dessert I had at Tides:  A Decadent Peanut Butter Mousse enrobed in Milk Chocolate topped with a crunchy Peanut Brittle and finished with a Roast Coconut Crème Anglaise.  I am just hoping that this picture does it justice because it was a melt-in-your-mouth explosion of amazeballs!

Daphnes brulee 521 x 600

I also loved Daphne’s rum banana creme brulee with a flambe’d plantain; it really tasted of the Caribbean and it was so light I could have easily eaten two; oh wait – I did!

I was also treated to a lovely afternoon tea at Sandy Lane (we were celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary after all), and it did not disappoint. The sandwiches and sweets were divine, and the setting was equally stunning, and I loved that they served it all on vintage, fine bone china.

SandyLane Tea 423 x 600

One of the newer beach-front restaurants, CinCin, was also a pleasant surprise and their iced nougatine parfait with créme anglaise and berry coulis was perfect for cooling down after yet another scorching day.

CinCin Nougatine Ice Slice 600 x 400

Last, but not least, after all of the indulgent (ok, excessive) fine-dining, which we have a few more days left of as I write this – eek! my poor waistline!… It was so lovely to return to our own hotel to be treated to something comforting: a Bajan bread and butter pudding. Don’t let its “rustic” appearances fool you – this was as moist and rich and delicious as anything else I’ve eaten for afternoon tea or dessert here.

House Bajan Bread Pudding 600 x 400

Whoopsie – confession time: I have had one, chocolate dessert here so far, but it was so worth it!  The pear and chocolate tartlet with vanilla ice cream was a first for me, as I’d never tasted the combination of chocolate and pear together.  Daphne’s version was the perfect balance of textures and flavours and I’m keen to try the combination out myself, at home…

Daphnes ChocPear 600 x 400

As for home, it will be sad to leave here, but I always do look forward to returning home (in this case, the UK before heading back to my other home: SF). I’m blessed to have more adventures in the near future: from Barbados, to Bavaria, to baking bridesmaid in the Bay Area – with a bit of  Windsor (ooh I get to see the Royal Family during the Garter Ceremony there), Wimbledon, Nice/St Tropez, and Shropshire in between…. so watch this space 😉

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